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Our Team

Business Development Expert
Muhammad Zeeshan Noor

Zeeshan is an experienced Business Development professional, who has helped and assisted numerous companies develop business in new markets, adopt local business norms and identified new trends. Having a versatile experience from multiple sectors such as Logistics, Home Appliances, Construction, International Trade, Business Consultancy and Training has empowered him to utilize his expertise in strategically planning and execution of multiple task related to sales, operations and business development.

He is a professional networker confident to presenting, communicate and train top management. He has ability to develop new market by segmentation and defining target market. New market entry and business development, business matchmaking and next market consultancy are his key strengths.

Saudi Arabia is his hometown, where he has spent most of his professional life. He understand the culture, business norms and knows how to get things done in an easier way. 

Insurance and Logistics Expert
Mohammad Kashan Noor - Cert. CII

We watch a lot of movie in our live but did we ever note that no actor is perfect otherwise one will win Oscar every year.  I hope to convey my summary which will not be win Oscar but can be nominated. 

As a logistic and insurance professional “i” kashan completed his Cert. CII from The Chartered Insurance Institute UK and has technical background in freight forwarding and insurance “underwriting and claims”. 

What I do is?

•Help business in bringing their goods from origin to destination, make arrangement for port clearance and delivery to where every the client wants. 

•Provide logistics and insurance consultancy. 

•Help client in raising their claim to insurance company and indemnify, (so I can collect my commission)                       

•Well experienced in indemnifying Marine, Property and Casualty claim.

•Provide consultancy to client for underwriting insurance. 

             In short, I give advice to company about what to do in my specialized field and how              to do.

Process Optimization
Khawaja Zubair Ahmed

An experienced Customer Service Senior Manager, with an impressive skill set and a proven track record of delivering business results in industries like Mobile Telecommunications, Telecommunication, Banking and hotels. With a passion for building high performing teams that develop excellent multi-channel service offerings delivered through an array of consumer touch points. I thrive equally well in a fast growing start up environment, like my time in Warid Telecom, or in a more mature company and market environment like in Nokia where the challenges are significantly different. I possess strong strategic and commercial aptitude gained from senior manager positions in IMEA and Global.

What I utilise in all challenges that I take on is a sharp eye for cutting right to the core of an issue in a way that simplifies it for the individual or team that is charged with responsibility and guide them through the process they need to scope what needs to  be done, agree the frame how to do it and support them to deliver the result.

                                                                              Comfortable in the world of business development and account management but also managing large, complex operations, I have a passion for delivering world class customer experience. With 15 years exposure to complex international operations and  culturally diverse teams; I would be happy to talk about my experiences and share my thoughts.

Digital Marketing
Shaharyar Abid

My primary objective as a Marketing expert is to create vibrant and brilliant Campaigns to market the company’s brands and services. I have competent knowledge and dexterity in creating concepts using the latest technology. I am very adept in Creating & managing PPC, PPI, SEM, SEO, campaigns, have a solid grasp of web analytics and strong understanding of online marketing concepts, procedures, strategies and practices. I have 7 years’ experience in managing multiple online projects including Social Media, PPC, CPM, Affiliate Marketing, Content delivery, Email Campaigns, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing and website Performance and customer retention.

Along with that I have hand on Experience of Brand Management, Product Management, Brand Activation, Category marketing at Modern Trade and New Product Launching.