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Insurance Consultancy

Insurance play vital part in our life most of the business consider it as a life support for the ones who have heavy interest in their business. Anyone can buy insurance on insurer terms and conditions however only expert can give you advise on how and what conditions to buy insurance also placing you’re in right basket will give you peace of mind while claiming in case of loss.

With the expertise of Techno Axe we will not only provide you advice on how to place your risk properly but consultant at the time of loss.

Following are the service provided by Techno Axe in insurance sector:

  • Assessing client insurance need and requirements
  • Advising client about how to properly place your risk
  • Negotiating policy terms and conditions with insurer
  • Scrutinizing quotation from different insurer and discussing rates
  • Comparing terms and condition
  • Advising client and negotiating with insurer at the time of claim