Techno Axe Business Consultancy, Training & Solutions

Fiber and Networking Solutions

TechnoAxe offers complete fiber engineering and technical services such as Design, Supply, Installation Services, and Maintenance all Fiber Optics, Transmission Line, FTTx, Copper Solution, IBS Solution, Data CON, Infrastructure Solution, Enterprise Network Solution, IPTV, IPPaBX, Surveillance (CCTV), Low Current, Electromechanical, Protection Systems & Network Systems.

We believe in unique requirements of individual clients not limited to a technological perspective but also from their need perspective. Our team focuses on providing consultancy and solutions to a problem by closely understanding the client's needs and guide them to wisely select best available solutions within their budgets.

Our solutions includes:

  • Transmission Line Solution - Splice fiber optic OPGW & ADSS for aerial transmission line

  • FTTX Solution - Single home residences (FTTH), Buildings (FTTB) & Offices (FTTO)

  • Copper Solutions - Cables, Terminated Cables, Panels, Accessories, Components and Cable Management

  • Inside Building Solution (IBS) - High quality mobile communications in indoor environments

  • Data COM - Fiber Optic Network Solution, procurement, design, Splice, termination, Testing

  • Enterprise Networking Solutions - LAN/WAN Design, Implementation, Application, Optimization, Analytics Solutions, Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions

  • Low Current and Electromechanical Solutions - Physical Security, Surveillance (CCTV and IP), Alarm System, Power Management & Access Control, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Professional Audio/Video and Lighting, Fire Alarm Solutions.

  • IPTV - TV Channels for Hospitality sector

  • IP-PaBX - PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and IP PBX