Techno Axe Business Consultancy, Training & Solutions

Business Development & Facility Management Services in new Markets

With shirking Global boards, introduction of free trade market and specialization of Global Economies, every business want to grow Globally. Today, we can easily find regional sales experts focusing to sell their products to multiple counties in a region. However, setting up an office or hiring people in a region is always an added risk on company’s resources which might succeed in profit or complete retreat from a region.

TechnoAxe team has the capacity and capability to help and assist companies established in next market. Our team have successfully provided similar services in multiple capacities while working in the similar industries in Saudi market.

Setting up an office in Saudi Arabia is one of the most tedious process. Besides time International companies require to fulfill many requirements of local ministries in order to secure multiple commercial licenses.

TechnoAxe offers their clients easy office setup service includes:

  • Virtual/Principal Office

Allows you to setup office within 2 weeks with an option to recruit minimum 2 people without applying for new commercial registration and plugging in your business into our setup. In this setup we will become your local authorized agent to do business on your behalf.

  • Basic Office

Complete office setup ready within 1 month. Here either a company allow us to become their local authorized agent or secure a separate commercial entity registered (dedicated company).

  • 100% Direct Ownership Through SAGIA

Business Ready for Operations based on SAGIA timeline and procedures. Here TechnoAxe will provide and facilitate all guidelines, documentation, procedure and facility management services upon operational inauguration.

  • Business Development -

Includes Presentation and Sale pitch delivered to client by professional presenters without any physical existence of company in Saudi Arabia. We also provide market research and due diligence.

  • Facility Management

Includes all Legal, HR, Financial Consultancy and Facility Management services provided by TechnoAxe.